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Ben Venice Every Wednesday In 2017


Starting with chapters from the full first book, which you can still buy for a buck┬áif you aren’t into waiting, I will be running an installment of the Ben Venice serial every Wednesday in 2017. Once I’ve run through everything you might have already seen, I’ll have new material to share.

Ben Venice is my take on what sixties Nick Fury: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. might have been like behind the scenes if it had been set in something closer to the real world, but really it is a distilled version of a bunch of stuff I love, designed to be extremely easy to consume on account of the fact that it’s made up of a bunch of really short parts.

It’s easier to show you than tell you, so tune in next week when we Meet Ben Venice.


Movies, Music, Pop Culture

Front On This- My First Ebook



Many times I’ve found myself at a party or whatever gathering, and I start riffing and flowing, going off about any of the many little facets of popular culture that I’ve memorized every detail of, and thought about way too much and often. Someone invariably says “You should write a book.” Sometimes sincerely, sometimes derisively, sometimes I can’t tell.

At any rate, I did. Here it is. It’s three bucks. You can read it on any device once you download it.

Thanks for your support.