APOCOLYMPICS: Katie Uhlaender got screwed by Russian dopers

With word leaking out that Russia was taking home team advantage and pumping dope into every athlete on the team full scale Ivan Drago style, my first thought was of Katie Uhlaender, American super hero who missed out on a bronze medal skeleton run in Sochi. She was beat by a Russian by a mere several fractions of a second, and in a perfect world, that “winner” would drop that medal in the mail to this “loser” by the end of the week.

Why Does This Keep Happening?

Because the absurd argument that military grade assault rifles are somehow comparable to cars, household items that can be configured into explosives, and even to handguns and hunting rifles has become something we accept as “that’s my opinion, and we will agree to disagree.”

Because the Internet is a confirmation bias factory.

Because the Internet is also a distraction generating machine, and it’s anihilated our attention spans.

But mostly, because there’s money in it. Corporations make billions manufacturing and selling AR-15s, and mass shootings function as commercials for their products. Because they have the NRA in their pocket, and the NRA has the Right Wing in their pocket. Because “They’re coming to get your guns, now! You better buy all you can!” works.

Because capitalism has run amok.

That’s why.

And it’s not going to change. 

Because, once we decided as a nation that a classroom full of kindergarteners were acceptable as collateral damage, the argument ended.