You have reached the webpage of Rocko Jerome

Hello! Welcome to the personal website that I am generally too busy to maintain. Like so many other, similar sites on the internet, it has grown derelict over time as I work on other projects and maintain a presence on enough social media platforms that I have to stop and count them all, then be surprised that there really are so many.

If you’ve found this site, the main thing that I want you to know about me is that I am a freelance writer for hire. I write interviews, fiction, advertorials, essays, and articles pertaining to matters of the human condition.

I’m making this post to function as a sort of directory, so that you might find some of my work.

Should you wish, you can contact me at, and I’m on Facebook.

Some of my writing is available in physical or digital form via Amazon.

I contribute regularly to Eaglemoss/Hero Collector.

I have also done work for Sequart.

Here’s something that I wrote on the subject of Jim Steranko for Never Nervous.

Here’s pages from my work at TOPS Louisville: