Scared Straight!


You can now watch Scared Straight in it’s entirety on youtube.

This is my favorite documentary and one of my favorite movies of all time, no doubt. This movie for me and a certain handful of friends is our Rocky Horror, our focal point of bonding. We quote it, we would watch it before going out, after going out, drunk, sober, whatever, and have been doing it for years. A couple of us even made a concept album about it. It’s part of our lingo, our personal code, and we use it to crack each other up. The things these convicts said are pure poetry. I love everything about Scared Straight. It’s a travesty that it’s not better known, and that when I say at a party with mixed company that “I’m in here for murder, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, and breaking a dude’s jaw and his woman- both her gotdamn arms…” I just get confused stares. Scared Straight is unparalleled.