Ben Venice II: The Season of the Scorpion 7



Major Quill sat on a metal folding chair, his wrists chained to it behind his back. The room was a perfect cube, with only one door behind him that he could not see. All was white and flooded with light from above, the sound of electrical buzzing filled the air. He could only see that glow, even when he closed his eyes.

After an indeterminable amount of time, the door finally opened, then slammed shut.
Louise’s boots click click clicked across the floor. She grabbed his hair, pulled back his head, and jabbed a syringe into the side of his neck, pushed the solution into him. He
winced in pain. He tried to speak but could not. Click click click, the door slammed shut

On the other side, Louise joined Ben and Bud.

“I suppose one of us should pay lip service and object to what we’re doing, here.” Ben said.
The other two laughed.

“Too far gone from the moment you signed on, Sarge.” Bud replied.

“Just a moment of levity, pal. How long before he starts spilling?” said Ben.