Ben Venice: G.H.O.S.T. Agent 15


The Major gasped and swallowed blood. Louise’s grip on his throat loosened only enough to keep him from passing out as she brought her fist down on his face again. This one broke his nose. He made a noise like a mother cow whose calves were slaughtered. She laughed at him.

The room was an office in the Major’s private residence, and it was in total disarray. Table and chairs were flipped over in the fight. Like many men before, the Major underestimated Louise. It would be a catastrophic mistake. Once the battle hit the floor, her grappling took him straight to a personal hell. She made him feel every blow that she rained upon him.

Ben waited outside in the hall. He watched the guard closely, making sure he kept breathing. The tranquilizer dart in his neck was shot from the pistol he held. No reason this G.I. should die for the detail. Treason was only worth it for the likes of Major Quill.

“Do you know who I am?” Louise asked the Major, her hands about his throat.

He sucked wind hard. He gasped something inaudible.

“What?!?” She demanded as she slammed his head on the floor.

“I…I can…I can tell you…” He stammered. blood stained his teeth.

Her rage was unabated. “Tell me what? What the fuck do I want you to say to me?”

“About the Order of the Scorpion.”

He breathed fast and heavy as she climbed off of his busted frame, straightened her leather jacket, and walked over to the door. She knocked twice.

“Damn it.” She said.

Through the door, Ben responded. “What?”

“I can’t kill him yet.”