Meet Miss Whipped Cream At VinylFest


It’s the album that just about everyone in America must have owned circa 1965, as evidenced by its presence everywhere old records are sold. From the nearest Salvation Army, where you might find it unceremoniously tossed in a dusty crate, to shops like Better Days Records, where it will have been reverently cleaned, refurbished, and close to new.

Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass’ Whipped Cream and Other Delights has been a mainstay, ironically or otherwise, for 50 years. It’s labeled in the now forgotten genre of “Mood Music,” which is to say it was designed specifically to set a sultry tone for an intimate party of two. It’s sonically famous for the tunes “A Taste Of Honey,” “Whipped Cream,” and “Lollipops And Roses.” Its visual fame is another matter entirely. The impact of the sleeve far outweighs that of the grooves of the record it contains.

The lovely cover model is mostly covered up, and it’s difficult to think of a more innocuous substance on earth than whipped cream. Yet somehow, when that’s all the woman seems to be wearing… a thousand words could never convey the expertly crafted blend of the wholesome and the suggestive one look at that cover will say to you.

That model’s name is Delores Erickson. You will have the chance to meet her at this weekend’s event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the third annual VinylFest. It’s just one of the many features that sets this show apart from others like it- as showrunner Melinda Angstrom says, “It’s an indie cultural experience focusing on vinyl.” Much more than a mere swap meet, in addition to a full hall of vendors, VinylFest features entertainment starting Saturday at 12:30 with a panel discussion (On The Record, hosted by yours truly, featuring Ben Jones of the aforementioned store Better Days, Sean Liter of Modern Cult Records, Bryan Puckett of Little Heart Records, Dave Rucinski of Gubbey Records, and Wesley Allen of Eastwood Records), followed by live music (local artists Ricky Morse, Shadowpact, Krosjoint, Fast Friends, The Whiskey Riders, and New Bravado), and then an an afterhours party. Sunday’s celebrations continue at 1 PM with a panel featuring Miss Erickson herself and Louisville film producer Weld Robert Connley, whose documentary Haight Ashbury: The Beat Of A Generation will be premiering and running on a loop all weekend. Tickets for one day are $15.00, both days are $20.00, but a $5.00 discount is available if you grab them at the kickoff party Friday night at Modern Cult (2001 Frankfort Ave).

Miss Erickson’s appearance is made possible by Ben Jones and Better Days Records. I’ll be on hand at the show with copies of my new book and issues of the Voice-Tribune.