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First Published Fiction: The Lemon Herberts Are Here!

Lemon Herberts

The Lemon Herberts went on their first world tour in 1967, and they got into all manner of misadventures and antics along the way. Created by Jim Beard and published by Pro Se Press, I got to have a go at immortalizing the gynchy group in Dragon Lady Island, one of six standalone short stories in this volume.

My work has seen print before, but never in a book and never fiction, so this is a big deal for me. You can grab it off Amazon for $14.00 before shipping, or if you live or visit Louisville, I can get it to you for a mere $10.00. Out of towners, I can do $15.00 including shipping. Just get a hold of me on social media or at the easily memorable .

And did I mention that it crosses over with Ben Venice?