36 Things I Know At 36


If it’s your birthday and you’re an adult, it’s probably going to be largely up to you to spend the day doing something you enjoy. That said, I’ve been to about 12 surprise birthday parties in the last couple years. Guess it’s a big thing on Pinterest or something.

Thirty six isn’t old. I get tired of hearing people talk like it is. Listen to kids talk. You don’t want to go back there, believe me.

Being male and following whatever urges strike you, that makes you an animal. Having standards, taking responsibility, that makes you a man.

In any dispute, take the high road. It might feel wrong at the time, but in the long run you’ll be proven correct.

Music is like food, and you wouldn’t just eat egg salad sandwiches for the rest of your life.

A sure sign of untreated mental illness is wearing clothes entirely inappropriate to the weather.

I’m haunted by how casually cruel I was in my youth. I wonder if that’s common or not. Before my frontal lobe finished forming, I was pretty goddamn mean a lot of the time, for no good reason. I try to impart the idea of that eventual remorse in kids and young people I encounter. Maybe they will make better choices. Maybe they won’t. Shit catches up with you.

It’s better to be for anything than against something.

In cases where the two are mutually exclusive, it’s better to be loved than get laid.

You can never be lazy when it comes to your friends.

Clothes are one of the greatest forms of self expression.

Karma may or may not be real as a cosmic concept, but consequence is no coincidence.

First impressions are usually correct.

Being friends with people you really admire is a rich and rewarding experience. You’re continually cognoscente that they loom larger in your life than you do in theirs, but they provide the strongest advice…if only because you’ll actually listen to them.

It’s actually better to fade away than to burn out. Whoever said the opposite can only measure their self worth in the eyes of other people.

Life is too short for a job you hate.

No matter what anyone will tell you, no matter what they tell themselves, people do what they want to do and don’t do what they don’t want to do.

Some things are better left unsaid.

Why don’t I have that drink? Maybe I’ve had enough.

When someone is silent or says little, or even if they just say things that aren’t expected of them, others will tend to project their own subconscious will, or desires, or insecurities upon them. It’s a funny trait of human nature.

If you’re not killing or abusing other people, you’re probably doing alright.

Sleeping and eating are two of the best things in life.

Idealism is dangerous, but you’re not better off without it.

I used to like to say “Ambition is poisonous.” Now I just say it can be.

If you’re not ready to pay for something, you’re not ready to have it.

The answer to all unanswered questions could be presumed as “no.”

There’s no mental “closure,” everything you experience you take with you forever.

Evolution over Revolution.

A person evolves until they die.

Nobody truly knows what happens when we die.

You can’t choose to believe things. You do or you don’t.

Everything good should be savored.

Life is too short to live in fear or to be intimidated by those who would try to make you afraid.

Never be told what you want or need. You must be your own best advocate.

In the end, all you truly have is your character.

There’s what I think, there’s what you think, and there’s the truth.