ear-x-tacy Founder John Timmons Is Going On The Record At VinylFest


People that love music, I mean really, truly love music and can’t live without it, can always spot each other. If you love music and you’ve ever even been to Louisville, you loved ear-x-tacy at some time in your life. No one doesn’t have an ear-x-tacy story. No one didn’t have that bumper sticker. If you supported them to the end, nothing more need be said. If you didn’t- I don’t care what you said, I don’t care what you told anyone, I don’t care what you told yourself, you went to that store at one of its several locations down through the years, and you got the zap on your head from something you bought there…and guess what? You probably couldn’t have gotten it anywhere else at the time. When you heard that record, that tape, that CD, like a lighthouse in the ocean, you knew someone somewhere felt like you felt. That is sacrosanct. That is beautiful.

No lighthouse shined brighter in this city than that store.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that John Timmons, the guy who got that thing in your hands, will be joining the On The Record panel at Vinylfest. We will be celebrating everything that is beautifully weird about our big small town.

Plan on coming.