Daredevil 50th Anniversary…Where’s Wood?

This week’s cover of Daredevil #1.50, which perhaps inexplicably honors the 50th anniversary of the character, stars a sharp cover featuring the names of the greatest creators who worked on the book over the decades. Go ahead and grab a copy, it’s got great stories by Mark Waid and Brian Bendis, as well as stellar art by Javier Rodriguez and Alex Maleev. Trouble is, try as you might, you’re not likely to find the name Wally Wood on the cover…even though you will see his art, taken from the classic Daredevil #7:


So I did what disgruntled fans have done throughout history- I sent a strongly worded letter (well, e-mail):

Hey, damn it-

How the #*@$ did you leave Wallace Wood’s name off the cover of Daredevil 1.50? Not only was he one of the greatest comic artists of all time, but we owe him the red costume we all know and love. His impact on Daredevil was huge and he deserves acknowledgement.


Your pal,

Here was the prompt response, from the editor with the fun name to say, Tom Breevort:

Wood’s name was there, up by the Wood-homage DAREDEVIL figure from DD #7. But it was high enough that it got mostly cut off of most copies.

Tom B

And here’s how the top of the original art looked, before it went to print:


So there you have it! Enjoy with impunity.