I Met Neal Adams

NealAdamsAutograph 002

I just met Neal Adams, he signed this for me. This was at Comic Book World, my favorite shop, with the guy from back in the day running it who has known me since I was 12. He’s a huge Neal Adams fan. His name is Doug Adams, and when he was in ‘Nam, he used to tell the guys in his platoon or whatever that he was into the comics he was getting because Neal Adams was his uncle.

When I told him my name to sign it, said “You don’t look like a Rocko to me. I hear Rocko, I picture a guy with a black leather jacket, motorcycle boots, and a duck’s ass hairdo.” Then he told me that the best way to break a guy’s arm was to put it on a curb and stomp on it.

This is what I looked like the first time anybody called me Rocko, when I was 18:


Neal Adams has magical powers.