Winter Games 2014: More Snow Foxes

This post is my biggest yet this year in terms of traffic, so let’s go back for more!

Check out Katie Uhlander, daughter of baseball legend Ted Uhlander and skeleton gold medalist hopeful. Skeleton is like luge, only you do it face first.


gayGet a load of Olympic Barbie. Norway’s Silje Norendal has been called the most beautiful woman at Sochi. She’s a snowboarder who doesn’t seem to go in for the cheesecake pictures, although she’s apparently not above showing off her lip gloss application skills.

On the other hand, her American counterpart Hannah Teter has no objections to getting all Gil Elvgren.


But no snowboarders go as far as Ina Meschick, known her native Austria as The Leopard Woman.


Julia Muncusco is very comfortable showing off her body, which gets squares pretty worked up.


Slovenian pop star/downhill skier Tina Maze has 3 words to say about it.


…and she just won gold.

Hey, what if the Olympics were held on Hoth?