Pop Culture

Hey Radio Shack, All Is Forgiven- Bring The 80’s Back


Dozens of consumer driven entities compete to be the one most talked about the Monday after the Super Bowl. This year, if all my thirty something friends are any indication, the clear winner is Radio Shack, thanks to this ad. The trouble is, this doesn’t make anybody want to go to Radio Shack, 2014. It makes us want to go to Radio Shack, 1984.

I think they’re doing this all backwards. They need to embrace the 80’s and make going there like a step back in time. The place is called “Radio Shack.” There’s no saving you. Recreate it as a place where children of the eighties can go and geek out. Sell CDs of artists from when Mtv showed nothing but videos, DVDs of TV shows and movies from the 80’s cheap. Sell recreated 80’s fashion items, Rubix cubes, Trapper Keepers, Lisa Frank stationary, Garbage Pail Kids, replicas of 80’s items as well as items that didn’t exist then but should’ve, and do now. Make it so that each branch buys and sells used 80’s artifacts. Show episodes of I Love The 80’s on a constant loop, there’s like 50 hours of those. Have arcade games. Any new technology should be kitschy and look like either recreated 80s technology or like the future as envisioned in movies like Robocop, Back To The Future 2, and Blade Runner.

Your ship has sailed. Radio Shack should give up on playing catch up and just be the ultimate 80’s store. Install the giant keyboard from Big, sell knockoff Transformers watches, and put a Lazer Tag maze in the back. Embrace the cheese. We are ready to support you- but nobody wants a Radio Shack cellphone.