First Observations Of 2014

* Sometimes I think the best thing anyone could ever say about someone is that they’re good at being who they are.

* The nicest thing anyone ever said about me to my face was that for someone as self centered as I am, I’m remarkably considerate of other people. There’s nothing like a pragmatic compliment. It lets you know exactly where you stand.

* It’s always a bit astounding when people use the “YOU NEED TO WAKE UP” argument, often political, usually about an insane viewpoint. They’re saying that since you don’t agree with them, you automatically must be so ignorant that you’re effectively unconscious. I don’t see how anyone thinks that they’ll get someone on their side with that approach.

* I emote frequently. I emoticon never. 

*You’ll go a bit nuts if you realize how often people say “you know” in conversation, in the middle of sentences while trying to think of the best words to say next without sounding like too much of an imbecile. You’ll go all the way nuts when you then realize how often you do it, too.