Well, who’s perfect?

In the nineties, the British group Elastica bounced on the scene with propulsive beats and catchy tunes. A black clad, vaguely Mod styled and almost all girl band, clean and shiny rubbing up against all the Grunge acts on Mtv’s 12o Minutes. Frontgirl Justine Frischmann was fresh from the band Suede, and considered Britpop royalty before she started dating one of the guys from Blur.

Their self titled first album spawned three hits and became the UK’s fastest selling debut album.  Stutter, Line-Up, Connection, and Waking Up all made the charts, Stutter and Connection on both sides of the pond. Their brand of swagger was much needed at the time. Trouble occurred when the bands Wire and The Stranglers sued them for stealing their riffs. The band settled out of court and acknowledged the influence, but the damage was done.

Contrast and compare. The evidence is damning and it may be sacrilege, but I still prefer Elastica.

The band’s second album, The Menace, was best perhaps described as “interesting.” It’s one of the many great unloved sophomore efforts of Pop Culture, never to be listened to without unfavorable comparison to it’s predecessor.  The band broke up amicably soon after, and became one of those “Remember them?” items that marked an all too brief moment in Pop Culture.